Our Mission

Alma symbolizes quality and dedication. We aim to strive towards excellence in all spheres of academic and co-curricular activities. We believe in providing equal opportunities to all our pupils to learn and grow to their full potential in a supportive and disciplined environment. Our goal is to develop well-rounded, confident individuals prepared to take on the challenges of the new age.

Co-Curricular Activities

Educational values at the school are not limited to academic achievement. The school recognizes the need for personality development which extends beyond the walls of the classroom. Co-curricular activities are the components of non-academic curriculum and help facilitate the development of various domains of the mind and personality in the areas of intellectual, emotional, social and moral development. These activities supplement and complement the curriculum. Sports, various clubs & societies, and the daily assemblies all aim to boost the confidence of the students in themselves and in their abilities.

Speakers Club

Speaking persuasively and effectively is an acquired skill. The confidence and the ability to present oneself and one's ideas in the clearest and brightest light are attributes that last a lifetime. At The Lahore Alma, students participate in debates, declamations, poetry recitation and prose reading from the early stages. Through the Public Speaking and Debating Programme, students learn the artistry of oration. The objective of Alma Speakers Club is not only to improve speaking ability but also to nurture skills in the areas of research, ability to develop a sustained argument, presenting a point of view and rebuttal. The school organizes a parliamentary debating competition – The Alma Cup – in which Lahore’s acclaimed schools avidly participate. Debaters of Alma Speakers Club, under the training of professional coaches, have made their mark at inter school competitions and brought accolades for the school.

Science Club

The Lahore Alma provides opportunities for the development of constructive, explorative and inventive faculties of students. The idea is to develop students’ interest in practical application of the knowledge related to different branches of science. The Alma Science Club provides inspiration for the pursuit of scientific knowledge in various ways by broadening the students’ scientific outlook. This instills a sense of intrigue and enables students to develop an understanding based both on the knowledge they already have and form an insight they wish to gain in the future. Students have been exhibiting their talent by presenting science projects through science exhibitions and by regularly participating in and winning inter school competitions.

Community Service

“He who wishes to secure the good of others, has already secured his own.” said Confucius. Alma Community Service Society is also determined to work along the same lines and thereby organizes events to create awareness of different social issues, raise funds for charities and encourage voluntary participation in such activities. The aim is to provide regular opportunities for students to become positive, responsible and active citizens. By participating in community service projects, students forge bonds with each other, as well as with other members of the society, thereby developing their interpersonal skills and cultivating social networking. Community service enhances students’ problem solving skills, improves their ability to work within a team and enables them to plan more effectively.

Physical Education Program

The Physical Education Programme is an essential part of the school curriculum. Through this programme, students are encouraged to value physical fitness, the need for discipline, self control, competitiveness and team spirit. The aim is to provide opportunities for personal development through leadership, diversity of skill and co-operative team work. Students of The Lahore Alma have distinguished themselves in athletics and in team sports such as volleyball, netball, football, cricket, table tennis, badminton and athletics not only at Inter-School level but also Inter-Division level. They have had the honour of representing the school at the Punjab Olympics and have won several medals.

Annual Sports Day

The Annual Sports Day is a well-organized, colorful and a much awaited event of the year. The objective is to develop in students sportsmen spirit and to provide an avenue to display their athletic competence. Aerobics, taekwondo, physical training display, various races and other events allow students from Playgroup till A Level to exhibit their skills. The Lahore Alma not only appreciates the physical prowess of its students on the day but also recognizes the contribution of the parents. Therefore the Guests of Honor at the Sports Day are the proud parents of that year’s O Level and A Level High Achievers in academics.

The Lahore Alma Publication

“Taameer” is the official annual school magazine published separately for each section of the school. Writers and artists from the Junior, Senior, and A Level School contribute to it. It is a vibrant, colorful collection of poetry, prose and art. It is aimed at providing a platform to enhance students’ writing skills, promote creativity and broaden their vision through sharing of ideas. The aim is to help students develop into confident and perceptive individuals when they see their work in print.

Student Council

Student Council is a student based committee designed to help promote school spirit and leadership among students. Council members demonstrate a high standard of conduct and serve as good examples for other students through their actions and words. The Student Council organizes different events and activities, learns how to make a positive impact on school and community environment, and promotes harmonious relations, good morale and general welfare throughout the school. A Student Council of O and A Level is elected every year. The Student Council consists of a Head Boy/Head Girl, General Secretaries Boy/ Girl, Sports Secretaries Boy/Girl, Captains and Vice-Captains of the four Houses, Presidents and Vice Presidents of the Clubs and Society, Editors and Sub-Editors of the school magazine.

Art and Craft

The potential for creativity – the act of making something new, lives in each of us. The Lahore Alma, through its Art and Craft Program, provides an opportunity for students to develop strong artistic skills. We believe that the cutting edge of creativity, observational skills and expression is to be discovered within ourselves and for that we nurture the art potential in each student. Students learn a variety of art techniques that enhance visual thinking skills, multi-dimensional information processing and basic aesthetic sense. The Lahore Alma students have been regularly participating in different Art Competitions and bringing laurels for the school.

Performing Arts

Performing Art seeks to expose students to ways of expressing ideas and emotions through actions other than just the use of language. The Lahore Alma, through performing arts, not only provides opportunities for students to flourish creative passions but also develop language and organizational skills and the ability to communicate effectively to larger audience in its unique way. The aim is to develop a stronger sense of timing, confidence, self-reflection, team building, and interdependence and yet instill individualism. The Annual Theatre Productions of The Lahore Alma have been widely acclaimed in the local press and amongst cultural circles. Students participate enthusiastically and work tirelessly to exhibit their talent on stage and behind the screen. Other than the Annual Play, students put up impromptu skits, recitals and plays throughout the year as well.

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